Dear Eric:

I want to let you know how much I appreciated your expertise and seemingly tireless effort on my behalf. Your work was outstanding and would not have been to the same in in anyone else's hands. Your support and encouragement was vital sustaining. In other words - I like your work!

Many thanks,

H., M.D.

(excerpt from letter from client to his insurance company after trial)

he jury interpreted Mr. Freise's apparent youth as a matter of unvarnished integrity. After the trial it became obvious that they had understood and agreed with every proposition Mr. Freise had made, and were in complete support of him; even quoting him after the trial. They very nearly embraced him, and certainly surrounded him when they were relieved by the judge of their responsibility.

For myself, I was astounded at his insight and his ability to predict almost sentence by sentence the statements of the opposing attorneys. His pervasive overview of the entire problem was impressive, particularly when he seemed to have such accurate and total recall of the details.

His research and information gathering capability served to fill the chinks and voids that made the story complete. It was my observation that Eric Freise stood out as absolutely sincere and believable in contrast to the other two attorneys that had an aura of drama about them. I would be pleased to have him as my counsel should the need ever arise in the future.

R., M.D.

Dear Eric:

Just a note to let you know that I do indeed appreciate all of your efforts in helping to resolve this case. I feel that you had constructed a very substantial defense and I felt quite comfortable that if the case would have gone to trial that we were extremely well prepared and that the outcome would have been favorable. Having said that however, I am more than pleased with the results of the mediation which again, I feel the part you played in that contributed to its success.

I consider you a very professional attorney who takes your work seriously and does a very thorough job and at the same time seemed to have preserved a sense of humor which relieved some of the pressure which I, as your client, would otherwise perhaps have felt under the circumstances.

I want to than you again for your good work and contrary to the answer that is commonly given in the medical profession to the question, "Do you know a good attorney?" I can say, "yes."

K., M.D.


[My wife] and I are extremely thankful for your effort on our behalf with the recent trial
Your expertise and preparation were very evident. In addition, your support was very important because we haven't been thru this before and sitting in court being trashed by a ....... lawyer was not fun.

T., M.D.

This is the greatest news I've had in a while! Thanks, Eric. I really appreciate all your hard work and the way you handled things. Forever grateful,


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I SO appreciate all of your advocacy and cannot tell you how relieved and grateful I am.

D., PAc

Dear Eric:

It was very nice to meet you and I truly had the feeling that of all the counsel I have met you were the best informed on the whole subject of RLF. My hat is off to you.


Hello, Eric

I received your voice mail today. Thank you for our kind words and all your help in this case. We can't thank you enough for all of your help and time.


Dear Eric:

I have very much enjoyed working with you on this case. Your clear thinking and resourceful researching has been a great boon to me in establishing the argument for my side. I also very much appreciate your generosity of spirit and enthusiastic energy for your work. I've certainly not enjoyed the case itself but I have enjoyed the association with you.

If I can be of assistance to you at any time, I would be pleased if you would call on me.

Again, thank you very much for your support and work on my behalf in this case.

Warm regards,

M., M.D.

(excerpt from book written by client after case finished)

[I first met Eric at his office. The meeting lasted about five and a half hours.] Eric listened intently, taking notes and asking questions. He exuded a calmness and a caring persona that put me at ease. * * *

I knew Eric was the lawyer for me. Over the ensuing months I made many more trips to Eric's office where we would pore over all the evidence . . . . Eric also came up to my area twice. * * *

In October 2017, my attorney sent questions to [the other party's] lawyer for [the other party] to answer. * * * Eric meticulously crafted the questions to extract the truth from [the other party] and expose her duplicity. I had received similar questions from her attorney and had sent my responses back in a timely fashion. But after Eric submitted these inquiries for [my opponent's] response, all communication stopped.
* * * *
Finally, [my opponent] signed the papers dropping the lawsuit.


(email from an expert witness at the close of the case)

That's great news. The Drs were lucky to have you!

G, M.D.